How to prepare a layout for making individual design of plates and logos

The file with design must be in one of the vector formats, like: *.cdr (CorelDraw), *.ai (Adobe Illustrator), *eps. All texts must be converted into curves:



Upon creating individual elements, for example letters, it requires to have only the outlines in the file, in other words graphic must be without the filling. Upon manufacturing laser will cut the plate on this lane. So the lanes should not cross in any way:



To remove crossings in Adobe Illustrator, you can use automatic tool “Pathfinder”:


Also, to achieve better result, we recommend make each word as a solid element, meaning the whole phrase must be done as a continuous line:


And the last one. We also recommend to provide the layout in bitmap format, for example in *.jpg, *.png or *.tiff and provide the size of the picture layout in millimeters.