TCXO 40MHz 1ppm 3.3V Clipped Sinus [Genuine]

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3225 Quartz Crystal Oscillator
for Nixie Tubes Clocks Genuine




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TCXO Quartz Crystal Oscillator




Listing includes:


  • TCXO crystal – 1 pc (Frequency optional, choose in selector)



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General information:


A TCXO is a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator.
It is used whenever particularly high stability within a variant temperature environment is required.
I.e. when the frequency deviation of the oscillator must be minimal over its entire operating temperature range.
Oscillators using AT quartz crystal plates, so called “blanks”, are the most economical solution to create a stable and precise reference frequency.
However, their frequency accuracy varies depending on the ambient temperature.
At a temperature of 25°C, accuracy is at its highest.
The further away the ambient temperature is excursive from 25°C, the frequency deviation will be changed according to a specific characteristic.
The relationship between temperature and frequency deviation can be approximated using a 3rd degree polynomial function.
A 5th degree function can also be used for a more accurate curve fit.
Under extreme temperature conditions, frequency deviations of up to +/- 100 ppm maximum occur.
They occur with a normal quartz oscillator (XO) given that higher degree polynomial coefficients are more apparent in the extreme temperature ranges.
The frequency stability of normal XOs is completely sufficient for numerous applications.
However, there are many others as for example wireless- or GPS-applications that make significantly higher demands, that can merely be met by TCXOs.



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