Project Nixie Tubes Countdown Timers for Quest Rooms
All assembled fully functional and ready-to-use out-of-the-box
Beautiful Nixie Countdown Timers in Cases and without Case
Minimalistic Timers in techno style without Cases
Vintage Nixie Timers in Wooden Cases and on Stands
Noble Nixie Timers in Oak and Brushed Oak Cases
Modern Nixie Timers in Synthetic Granite Cases
Nixie Countdown Timers designed for 4 6 and 8 Nixie Tubes
Timers on xUSSR IN-18 IN-14 IN-12 IN-8(8-2) IN-16 IN-17 IN-4 Tubes
Timers designed for R|Z568M ZM1042 ZM1040 Z5660M Z566M Z573M Tubes
Set of features include: RGB backlight, poliphony Melodies, USB port,
Antipoisoning feature, onboard set of buttons for settings…
Optional features include: Sockets for Tubes, Columns for Dots
Power Supply adapter is included in some models of Nixie Timers
Power Supply unit comes as an option for US, EU, UK, AU regions

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