Brand NEW

NIXIE Tubes Clocks

Fully functional clock in a wooden case with a complete set of features: time, date, alarm, anti-poisoning function is implemented as a slot machine, firmware updates via USB.

Shield NIXIE Clock for Arduino

Nixie Tubes Clock Arduino Shield NCS314 for xUSSR IN-14 Nixie Tubes

HAT For Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Shield Nixie Tubes Clock NCS314 for IN-14 Nixie Tubes, Options: Tubes, GPS, Remote, Arduino, Columns

NIXIE Tubes Clock Without Cases

Fully functional clock without housing. This design will allow you to enjoy high-tech appearance, or build your own unique design.

DIY KIT for NIXIE Tubes Clocks

Set of PCBs and all electronics parts, required to build NIXIE Tubes Clock by yourself.


Old and new Nixie tubes IN-18, IN-1, IN-12A, IN-12B, IN-16, IN-2.

Bare PCB for NIXIE Tubes Clocks

KIT DIY NIXIE Tubes Clock without part, include only MCU controller with Firmware.


Shipping to USA and Europe. UPS (3-5 days) or Economy (1-2 weeks).

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For advanced users.

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Help Tutorials

Step by step for DIY.

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Power Supplies

Power Supply AC/DC Adapter 100-240VAC to 12VDC 1A for NIXIE Tubes Clock for all standards: US, EU, UK and AU.

Cases for Nixie Tubes Clocks

wooden and acrylic cases

Other Components

Assembled boards, buttons, GPS, sockets, ICs, Columns, Remote Controllers, Temperature Sensors and so on

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