Sony Walkman WM-DC2 Cassette Player AMORPHOUS HEAD EXCELLENT WORK Condition (Serial Number 530895)


Sony WM-DC2 Walkman Cassette Player


Super Rare to find an original model Serial # 530895




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Sony WM-DC2 Walkman Cassette Player AMORPHOUS HEAD GOOD Condition


Serial # 530895


Sony WM-DC2 Walkman Cassette Player AMORPHOUS HEAD IN GOOD WORK Condition


The central gear in the player has been replaced all rubbers was replaced and all aluminum capacitors have been replaced

Full service has been done to the player and it is working outstanding!

player have some minor usage signs but in good working condition




Super Rare to find an original model

The WM-DC2 was the final step in the path which led from the world’s smallest personal stereo (the WM-2) to this latest version: the world’s best personal stereo

Building on the already excellent WM-DD3, there was little left to add, though the designers hit upon an area to improve and in so doing elevated the WM-DC2 above all others


The key addition was that of Dolby C NR

This new system promised even greater dynamic range than had been achievable with the previous arrangement

And then raised cassette performance in line with the expectations that Compact Disc had brought

To implement Dolby C in a personal stereo required special integrated circuits that were not commercially available, so Sony made their own

As most pre-recorded tapes were encoded in Dolby B, this option was included too

The switches for Dolby and tape type were fitted with yellow indicators that were visible from the front of the case, just as with the WM-D6


To complete the package, the WM-DC2 was also fitted with a special “laser amorphous head”

This component was unique to the model and was of top quality as well as being unusually wear resistant


These changes made what had already been an expensive model into a very expensive model

From the outset, it was decided to offer the WM-DC2 as a “professional” model alongside the WM-D6C and the TC-D3

The idea of a professional playback-only personal stereo is not an easy one to grasp, though reasonable sales were recorded throughout a long production run

To aid the “professional” user, one of the headphone sockets was turned into a genuine line-out socket, for connection to an amplifier or a tape recorder






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