Nixie Tubes Clocks genaral information


What is Column


Columns are the separating vertical glass covers with two Neon bulbs between the digit groups on the Tubes board.

In Items with options they are usually can be selected or not.

The blinking Dots inside the Column can be reprogrammed to either stay always on or they can be switched off permanently.

This can be done via firmware modification for the Clock.

The type of the Neon Bulbs inside the Columns may vary depending on the Clock model.

The Columns also can be bought separately in our shop in ‘Other components’ section.

It comes with plastic holder and screws.

An example of Column for IN-14 Nixie Tubes Clock is depicted on the picture.




Nixie Tubes unused (missing) pins


Nixie Tubes that we use in our Clocks have pins to display following digits: ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’ and two pins to display the Dots – ‘.’, ‘.’.

Also there is Anode pin, the one with white cement (under glass in the Tube), in total there are 13 pins.

The pins for displaying the Dots are placed on both sides of the Anode pin.

All Nixie Tubes are an old products from 20th century 80s, 70s or even 60s.

Some Nixie Tubes are New Old Stock (NOS).

It means that they have never been used before.

Some Nixie Tubes were extracted from various old equipment.

These Nixie Tubes (from equipment) could have been used for some time in the past.

Or they could have been just stored for further usage and eventually also never been used.

Those Nixie Tubes that are from equipment sometimes comes with the Dot pins cutout.

We in our Nixie Clocks do not use the Dot pins, so it is not an issue.

And these Tubes are perfectly suitable for our Nixie Clocks.