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  • DIY KIT for IN-14 Nixie Tubes Clock [RGB, USB, Musical] [Tubes, Sockets, Column, Power Supply] [Temp. sensor] [4 TUBES] [WHITE GOLD BOARD]


    Project “Divergence Meter mini”
    DIY KIT for IN-14 Nixie Tubes Clock with Sockets
    Nixie Tubes Clock with Column on White Gold Board
    Designed for 4 IN-14 xUSSR Nixie Tubes
    IN-14 Tubes are the most popular mass-produced Nixie Tubes
    Nixie Clocks are one of the most beautiful and popular Vintage Clocks
    Clock features Startup Tune, RGB backlight, USB port for updates
    Nixie Tubes Clock options include Tubes, Sockets, Column, Power Supply
    Pluggable Accessories include compact external Temperature sensor
    Nixie Clock is fully compatible with Arduino platform program codes
    It allows you to write your own unique programs for the Arduino platform
    All the latest Source codes are always available on our GitHub channel
    PCB, Design, Schematics, Case and Software made by GRA & AFCH



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