Typical malfunctions


Troubleshooting DIY KITs assemblies and Nixie Clocks malfunctions


In this section are gathered and discussed the typical and most common hardware and software malfunctions that appear during DIY KITs assemblies and also these that can occur in assembled Nixie Clocks.


Typical malfunctions for the NCM109 Control Boards

In table below are gathered common malfunctions for the NCM109 Boards:




Typical malfunctions for the Arduino Shield NCS314 v2.2 Boards

In table below are gathered common malfunctions for the Arduino Shield NCS314 v2.2 Boards:

7 thoughts on “Typical malfunctions

  1. Hi,

    Digit appear properly for half a second then the glow disappear for 2 second …
    what i missed ?
    incorrect diode way ?

    Thanks for your support

  2. Hi i Bought two Diy Kits thay were working verey good for about six weeks non stop then i had to turn them off for a few weeks .and now the tubes will not cum back on. only the led and the melody go back on.
    Arduino Shield NCS312 IN-12 Nixie Tubes Clock With Tubes IN-12 and with Arduino: MEGA. Order #27281 (21.02.2020)

    DIY KIT for IN-12 Nixie Tubes Clock Tubes: With IN-12 Socket for Tubes.Order #25618 (23.12.2019)

  3. Hi,
    We have assembled the NCS314 V2.2 kit. There is an issue a few seconds after powering up the system which caused capacitor C7 to smoke and glow. After realizing the capacitor was soldered down in the wrong direction (+ end of capacitor was soldered to ground and the negative (-) end of the capacitor to the + pad), it was depopulated and reversed. It’s still glows red and smokes.

    Then after removing the capacitor, buzzing out the board, the pad and traces are still connected properly.

    My question is this – why is there a capacitor in the circuit when the data sheet for the DS3231SN part states for Pin 2 (Vcc) :”DC Power Pin for Primary Power Supply. This pin should be decoupled using a 0.1?F to 1.0?F capacitor.If not used, connect to ground”?

    Since the NCS314 V.2.2 schematic shows the pin 2 of the DS3231SN tied to ground via the 10uF capacitor, and not directly to ground, is this to limit the current draw of the Vcc pin? If so, can I replace the failed/damaged capacitor with an electrolytic 10uF capacitor? If not, can I just solder a piece of wire to replace the failed capacitor?

    Thank you,

  4. Hi,I purchased the nct412 v1.0 clock from you a couple of years ago and it has malfunctioned,the tubes are frozen,have you any idea on how I can fix it? Many thanks, Rob

  5. Hello,
    i’ve purchased one of your clock in march 2019 and now i have a probleme one of the socket seems to not work properly, i ve changed the tube because the previous one look like “burned” but i tried multiple new one and every time the tube is not correctly lighted , like there is not enough power , can you help me finding the problem? i would like to have all my tube at the same intensity and not burn again my new tubes .

    you can see pictures of the problem here :

    i also leave you the same message on your facebook messenger with same pictures.

    I really hope you can help me with this your clocks are awesome !!

  6. Good day sir.
    Bought nct412 in-14 DYI few days ago via ebay and sucessfully soldered all together. put the power cord and Nixie tube, but the digit number appears (all of them once) for few second and turns off then only the green led light blinks. melody and button sounds works fine.
    it would great if i can get any clue for your lovely product to work. thank you.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve got NCT412 v1.0.
    It was working without problem, but one day the tubes are didn’t turn on. I’ve checked and the are no High voltage(190V) is present(just 12v, and 5v) on the test points, an i didn’t find anywhere on the PCB(NCM109) based on the schematics. Could you please help me where is the 1st outgoing point where i should check the high voltage, and what parts could be responsible for the issue?


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